Business Model Transformation in the Agricultural Sector in China

Business Model Transformation in the Agricultural Sector in China 

Client: Major Electronics Manufacturer 

Scale: Approximately 10,000 employees


The client's new business division aims to expand its "AgriTech" business in China and recognizes the need for a business model transformation. They intend to collaborate with local distribution players in China to create a new ecosystem. However, they lacked local knowledge in China and faced challenges in obtaining first-hand information about the current situation.

Measures (Our Solutions)

We followed an approach of "Value Chain Analysis" -> "Issue Extraction & Analysis" -> "Business Model Hypothesis" -> "Business Scale Estimation" -> "Business Roadmap Formulation." In the issue extraction phase, we utilized our expert interview service "InsightWing" to conduct interviews with Chinese agricultural experts. 


By obtaining otherwise hard-to-acquire primary information, we were able to streamline the process of issue extraction and analysis. With the information collected, the client was able to change the playing field and construct a new, profitable business model.

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