Who We Are

Hopejets Consulting is a professional firm that initiates from Hong Kong, specializing in the manufacturing industry with a focus on consumer goods. By working with global experts in Japan and overseas Locally, we contribute to helping both Japanese and foregin companies expand overseas market, and the improvement of  global operational efficiency through Product Localization and Product lifecycle management (PLM). "Hope" (Client's Desire) + "Jets" (Quick Driving Force) we are committed to providing "Minor" and "with Reasonable Initial Investment" management consulting services to accelerate client's decision-making in global growth filed through our unique "Quick Win" business model. Read More


We are offering consulting services leveraging our global experience.



Hopejets Consulting is in search of individuals who possess a keen intellectual curiosity and an entrepreneurship spirit.  Why not aspire to achieve your goals while fostering personal growth alongside a diverse group of members who bring a range of values and perspectives?  Read More