李 時豪
Adel Li


(Chief Executive Officer)

A graduate of HEC School of Management (HEC Paris), with prior experience as a mechanical engineer at Hitachi, Ltd., he had accumulated extensive experience as a business consultant and in sales roles at Accenture and Capgemini. He has been leading and involving in multiple projects across various industries and worked on a wide range of topics from strategic planning to hands-on execution, mainly in manufacturing, energy, and IT industries.  


With a focus on overseas expansion strategy, new business development, and comprehensive global M&A post-merger integration support, he has cultivated a wealth of expertise. His mastery extends to adeptly managing stakeholders across diverse geographies, including China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Notably, in 2021, he established the Hopejets Group in Hong Kong, showcasing his entrepreneurial drive and leadership. 

佃 真吾
Shingo Tsukuda


(Chief Product Officer)

A graduate of the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, he embarked an impressive career journey. His professional carrer began at CyberAgent, where he delved into data analysis while simultaneously introducing and launching his own business projects. Serving as a product owner, he adeptly managed all aspects of new ventures, from UI/UX design to development. 

His leadership extended to overseeing an external DX consulting team, championing digital transformation for external companies. After transitioning to a new role at PayPay, he took on the challenge of leading BizDev efforts centered around coupons within the O2O department. 

His career took another exciting turn at Polyuse's. At early days, he oversaw the software division and contributed to various organizational aspects. His responsibilities spanned diverse areas, from leading R&D efforts in algorithm development for construction 3D printers to achieving the distinction of being the first certified DataPolaris at Snowflake. 

With his extensive experience in new business development and system construction, he is currently deeply involved in innovative initiatives at HJC. His journey is marked by a continuous quest for innovation and excellence. 

平野 健太
Kenta Hirano

Account Manager

After working as a hotelier, he jumped into the expert matching industry. He has a strong understanding of the skills and the nature of the projects, and has been the top salesperson at an expert matching company.

At Hopejets, he is the point of contact for consultants and oversees all aspects of sales.

川口 美結
Miyu Kawaguchi

Executive Assistant


Having pursured a Business Administration degree at a university in the United States, she embarked on her career journey at as a new graduate. During her university years, she actively participated in the soccer club, sparking her interest in supporting sports-related study abroad programs. This ultimately motivated her to explore opportunities in the human resources industry, leading her to where she stands today. 


Leveraging her overseas experience, she continues to challenge herself to contribute to clients from a global perspective and further develop HJC. At HJC, she serves in business administration, coordinating and overseeing internal resources to achieve the company’s vision and goals. Her journey is marked by continuous learning and a commitment to excellence. 

Yuki Mukumoto

Business Consultant


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