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Characteristics We Seek in Candidates  

Hopejets Consulting seeks curious, entrepreneurial spirits for our diverse team. Interested in mutual growth and goal achievement? Join us!



Be sincere in issues that clients are facing.


Implement a sophisticated plan and act in a professional way.


Develop and fully demonstrate leadership qualities.


At our company, we leverage the flexibility of startups to customize training menus like the following, tailored to individual needs. These training programs are designed to enhance employee’s skills and capabilities.  

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Working at Hopejets Consulting - What It Means

Potential to become Core Members:You have the opportunity to serve as a potential executive candidate among our founding members.

You can engage in new internal business strategies, gaining practical experience in both consulting firms and venture businesses.

Various positions are available for founding members, and based on your experience, you can also serve as an executive candidate.


Working closely with management allows you to refine your behavioral and thinking patterns.

We support internal entrepreneurship (Hopejets invests in businesses you are passionate about).You can acquire foundational consulting knowledge in all departments.

Career Path:

There are diverse career paths, and promotions beyond conventional thinking are possible depending on skills and achievements.

Your opinions are reflected in business and projects, and you have a large amount of discretion. 

For those who aim for new challenges such as independence or entrepreneurship after working as a regular employee for 2-3 years, support as also available as a former employee.

Working Environment:

You can work in a global environment, utilizing your language skills.

For those interested, future transfers to global locations are possible.

We generally encourage remote work.


Employment Type/Category:   Regular Employee, Contract Employee
Recruitment Positions: Consultant in Strategy/Overseas Expansion/DX, Sales (Expert Matching)

Four-year university students (all faculties and majors) 

Candidates with degrees from foreign universities are also welcome. 

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 or above 

Proficiency in English 

Job Description and Desired Skills: Please refer to Indeed, Career Cross, Open Work
Application Documents:

Resume (required), Certificate of Qualifications (optional) 

Either Japanese or English version of the resume is required.


Tokyo Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo 

Or Remote Work 

Benefits and Holidays: 

Commuting expenses reimbursed 

Full social insurance coverage (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance) 

Consulting skill training 

2 days off per week (weekends and holidays) 

Year-end and New Year holidays, paid leave, over 120 annual holidays 

Bereavement leave 

No transfers 

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume via the inquiry form or through various job search platforms. 

We are also recruiting for long-term internships, so please inquire separately. 

Selection Process: Document screening (skills sheet, resume) -> First interview -> Second interview -> Job offer

External Recruitment Form 


雇用形態/区分 正社員、契約社員、業務委託
募集職種 <戦略/海外進出/DX>コンサルタント(コンサルテント〜シニアマネジャー)
業務内容 クライアントのニーズに応じた課題解決や、ITシステム導入やグローバル展開による事業変革の支援をおこなっております
求める経験(必須) ・Big4等コンサルティングファーム出身者 ・流暢な日本語能力(日本技能力試験N1レベルが望ましい) ・1年以上のコンサルティング業務経験、もしくは3年以上の事業会社での事業開発実務経験 ※詳細は下記求人サイト参照
勤務地 東京オフィス:東京都港区 もしくはリモートワーク
提出書類 履歴書、職務経歴書(必須) 資格証明書類(任意) ※日本語/英語版レジュメどちらか必須
福利厚生 ・休日(休暇)
  • 通勤交通費実費支給
  • 社会保険完備(健康保険、厚生年金、雇用保険、労災保険)
  • コンサルティングスキル研修
  • 完全週休2日制(休日は土日祝日)
  • 年末年始休暇、有給休暇、年間休日120日以上
  • 慶弔休暇
  • 転勤なし
応募方法・応募先 お問い合わせフォームまたは各種求人媒体より、職務経歴書を添付の上ご応募下さい
選考ステップ 正社員:書類選考(履歴書、職務経歴書)→一次面談→二次面談→内定 業務委託:書類選考(職務経歴書)→面談→内定



  • 通勤交通費実費支給
  • 社会保険完備(健康保険、厚生年金、雇用保険、労災保険)
  • コンサルティングスキル研修
  • 完全週休2日制(休日は土日祝日)
  • 年末年始休暇、有給休暇、年間休日120日以上
  • 慶弔休暇
  • 転勤なし
雇用形態/区分 正社員、契約社員、業務委託
募集職種 ・人材スカウト(現地リクルート) ・営業(エキスパートマッチング)
業務内容 国内外の有識者に対してのスカウトや、新規顧客開拓及び既存顧客へのアプローチを行う ※詳細は下記求人サイト参照
求める経験(必須) ・流暢な日本語能力(日本技能力試験N1レベルが望ましい) ・事業会社もしくはコンサルティングファームにて1年以上の営業経験(歓迎:人材業界)
勤務地 東京オフィス:東京都港区 もしくはリモートワーク
提出書類 履歴書、職務経歴書(必須) 資格証明書類(任意) ※日本語/英語版レジュメどちらか必須
応募方法・応募先 お問い合わせフォームまたは各種求人媒体より、職務経歴書を添付の上ご応募下さい
選考ステップ 正社員:書類選考(履歴書、職務経歴書)→一次面談→二次面談→内定 業務委託:書類選考(職務経歴書)→面談→条件面確認→内定