Success Stories

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Business Strategy

StrategyBusiness Strategy
Establishing Sales KPIs and Sales Operation Strategy  Client: Japanese Mid-sized SIer »Learn More
StrategyBusiness Strategy
Establishment of Corporate Credit Rating Criteria Client: Japanese Mid-sized SIer »Learn More
StrategyCorporate Strategy
Support in Establishing Global Organizational and Governance Policies  Client: Japanese Machinery Manufacturer »Learn More
StrategyCorporate Strategy
Mid-term Strategy Formulation for Robotics Business  Client: Major Robotics Company»Learn More
StrategyNew Business
IT System Development Vendor Research  Client: Mid-sized Healthcare Company »Learn More
StrategyNew Business
New Business Plan for a Platform with SDGs as Evaluation Criteria Client: Investment Venture Company »Learn More
StrategyNew Business
Depth Interviews for Healthcare New Business 
Client: Foreign Healthcare SaaS Company »Learn More

Digital Transformation(DX)

DX System Development
Global ERP Operation Requirements Definition
Client:Mid-sized Japanese Pharmaceutical Company »Learn More
Design and Development Process Reform Client: Mid-sized Japanese Semiconductor company»Learn More
PLM Vendor Selection and Roadmap Client: Mid-sized Japanese SIer »Learn More

Overseas Expansion

Overseas Market Research
Market Research and Insights for the Taiwanese Apparel Market  Client: Japanese Mid-sized Apparel Company »Learn More
Overseas Expansion Strategy
Market Entry Strategy for the Milk Market in China Client: Major Food Manufacuturer »Learn More
Overseas Expansion Strategy
Establishment Strategy for Overseas Offshore Development Center  Client: Major SIer »Learn More
Overseas Expansion Strategy
Market Entry Strategy for the Premium Wine Market in China

Client: Consulting Firm »Learn More

Overseas Expansion Strategy
Business Model Transformation in the Agricultural Sector in China  Client: Major Electronics Manufacturer »Learn More
Overseas Market Research
Market Research and Case Studies for a New Road Traffic System Business Client: Leading Research Institute »Learn More