PLM Vendor Selection and Roadmap

PLM Vendor Selection and Roadmap 

Client: Japanese mid-sized Sler company 

Scale: Approximately 200 employees 


The client, primarily engaged in system development, faces challenges in achieving sales targets: 

  1. Internal sales struggles to align with the sales team, causing process delays.
  2. Lack of standardized processes leads to individualized approaches and specific case issues.
  3. Limited staff for strategic "upstream sales" activities involving client engagement in business strategy, needs identification, and competitive proposal creation.
  4. Some projects require cross-departmental collaboration, necessitating individuals with strong coordination and negotiation skills, or the need for enhanced mechanisms.
  5. Skills gap in creating compelling proposal documents, including strategic scenarios and leveraging strengths.

Measures (Our Solutions)

Starting from the analysis of current conditions based on sales objectives, we defined challenges, held workshops, and devised specific measures.


Longlist by country 

Shortlist by country 

Competitive analysis report 

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