Market Entry Strategy for the Milk Market in China

Market Entry Strategy for the Milk Market in China 

Client: Major Food Manufacturer 

Scale: 5000 employees 

Issues ・ Background

The client has already established a manufacturing base in Suzhou, China, and has successfully expanded sales, focusing on the East China region. They have set a sales target for 2026 that is approximately four times the status. Therefore, it is crucial to expand sales in the North China and South China regions by establishing new manufacturing bases. 

The formulation and execution of sales strategies and tactics in the North and South China regions are essential. The client was looking for a consulting firm that could support them from the "research phase" to the "execution phase." 

Measures (Our Solutions)

We primarily supported the client in the "research phase." 

We conducted market structure analysis, analyzed key competitors, examined influential retail chains and wholesale partners, and analyzed influential distributors. We approached each research item using different methodologies (frameworks) and conducted the research while leveraging our network in China and interviewing Chinese experts.


A solid understanding of market structure and competitors' strengths and weaknesses was achieved, providing valuable insights for the planning phase, including the introduction of differentiated products.

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