Establishment Strategy for Overseas Offshore Development Center

Establishment Strategy for Overseas Offshore Development Center 

Client: Major Sler Company

Issues ・ Background

The client was focused on creating new markets using digital technologies, providing high-quality services, and driving technological innovation to support these endeavors. In particular, the establishment of a Global Delivery Center (GDC) was crucial as a global hub for market and delivery functions. To achieve this, it was necessary to consider "which country" and "which city" to establish the GDC, while creating consensus among relevant departments. 

Measures (Our Solutions)

After confirming the background, scope, and timeline, we planned the research approach. We conducted expert interviews to gather raw feedback from local employees of the Sler company, which proved invaluable for understanding the local talent pool and organizational structure. 


The client gained a clear image of the priority for entering countries and cities by submitting country-specific longlists, shortlists, and competitive analysis reports. 

The client developed fundamental research skills. 

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