Mid-term Strategy Formulation for Robotics Business

Mid-term Strategy Formulation for Robotics Business 

Client: Major Robotics Company  Scale: Approximately 1000 employees 

Issues ・ Background

At the time of reviewing the medium-term strategy (from FY 2022 onwards), the client has traditionally created mid-term plans. Although they have set industry-specific strategies (beyond single-year plans), the underlying rationale is insufficient.  While action plans exist, they have not been translated into specific plans with details such as timelines and personnel planning. This has led to a lack of effectiveness. 

Measures (Our Solutions)

We’ll analyze business strategy and portfolio management in the robotics business, confirm the medium-term vision, and devise initiatives. This includes marketing and sales strategies for business monetization. We’ll identify challenges from sales objectives analysis, conduct workshops, and formulate specific measures.


The direction of the robotics business has been clarified, providing a basis for reviewing the specific sales structure through the implementation of sales and marketing strategies and measures.

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