Establishing Sales KPIs and Sales Operation Strategy 

Establishing Sales KPIs and Sales Operation Strategy 

Client: Japanese mid-sized Sler company  Scale: Approximately 200 employees 


The client, primarily engaged in system development, is facing several challenges in achieving their sales targets. ・The internal sales department is finding it difficult to keep pace with the sales team, resulting in a sluggish overall sales process. ・The absence of standardized processes has led to individualized work approaches and specific case-related issues. ・There’s a scarcity of team members who can conduct “upstream sales” activities. These activities include engaging with the client’s business strategy, planning aspects, uncovering latent needs, identifying subjects, and proposing competitive responses in Request for Proposal (RFP) situations. ・Certain projects require collaboration with other departments for acceptance. This necessitates individuals with strong coordination and negotiation skills or calls for strengthening mechanisms and structures. ・There’s a skill gap in creating proposal documents that include the strategic scenario and the ability to create proposals leveraging strengths.

Measures (Our Solutions)

Starting from the analysis of current conditions based on sales objectives, we will conduct a situational analysis, define challenges, hold workshops, and devise specific measures. 


・By refining internal sales objectives and KPI design, we were able to visualize the performance of sales personnel and quantitatively manage the sales process. ・This also led to a reform in the salary structure and incentive system based on quantitative data. 

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