Support in Establishing Global Organizational and Governance Policies

Support in Establishing Global Organizational and Governance Policies

Client: Japanese Machinery Manufacturer  Scale: Approximately 1000 employees 


In order to achieve a transformation towards a "customer-centric" business model and maximize group synergy, the client is planning to establish a global HR function. The goal is to determine what kind of global organizational structure and governance the entire company should aim for within the year and to envision the future state of a global organization that reflects the client's internal culture five years from now.  Since there is limited internal expertise in this area, the client has been seeking a consulting firm that can conduct research on case studies of global corporations and help clarify the direction for the future. 

Measures (Our Solutions)

We assigned a team member with extensive experience in global organizational restructuring. The approach involved conducting a "Mid-Term Business Strategy Review and Hypothesis Formulation," followed by a "Case Study of Global Organizational and Talent Management Models," and finally, the "Formulation of Talent Management Policies." We conducted an analysis based on fundamentally "centralized," "decentralized," and "hybrid" global organizational models to formulate the global organizational structure and talent management policies. 


Clear articulation of the fundamental principles for leveraging talent to support the global organization. With the foundational principles now established, there is a solid framework for designing HR processes, enabling the visualization and efficient utilization of talent.

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